Enclosed please find copy of Al-Madar’s Registration with the Central Tenders Committee, State of Qatar (Reg. No. 47455), which states that this contractor is classified as:

GRADE A :         Building Works, value limit from Qrs. 60 million up to 150 millions.

GRADE A :         Maintenance Works, value limit from Qrs. 10 million up to 30 millions.

GRADE B :         Various Drainage & Sewerage Works, Value limit from Qrs. 3 million up to                           10 millions.


– Commercial Registration No.47455
– Ministry of Public Works Registration No.9292 & 47455
– CTC Registration No.47455
– Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Membership Certificate                       No.01/22406

Subsidiary Companies:

– Al Madar Engineering & Marine Construction W.L.L
– Al Madar Real Estate W.L.L.
– Al Madar Carpentry & Decoration W.L.L.
– Al Madar Wrought Iron W.L.L
– Scala Construction Engineering W.L.L
– Al Madar Project Management W.L.L
– Al Madar Transportation & Vehicle Maintenance W.L.L
– Al Madar Trading W.L.L.
– Al Madar Investment L.L.C
– Al Madar International W.L.L.


Capital :   The Company has a registered and paid-up capital of Qrs. 8,000,000                                 in Qatar.

Banks  :   

– The Commercial Bank of Qatar, Doha
– Qatar Islamic Bank, Doha
– Doha Bank, Doha
– Saderat Iran Bank, Doha
– Arab Bank, Doha
– Ahli Bank, Doha

Auditors :   Ernst & Young, Doha
                   Tel. No. 4414599
                   Fax No. 4414649

Insurers :

– Al-Arabia Insurance Co., Doha
– Al Khaleej Insurance Co., Doha
– Oman Insurance Co., Doha

Turnover :  Yearly turnover in Qatar has been Qrs. 300 to 350 millions.


Commercial Data:

Owner :   Al-Madar Holding W.L.L. is limited Company under Qatari law owned by:

Engr. Ali Abdulreda Mashhadi & Engr. Haider Abdulreda Mashhadi